Welcome to the new North and Central American Regional website for AISIN Corporation, consistently ranked among the top 10 leading automotive suppliers in the world. Aisin is headquartered in Kariya City, Aichi, Japan, and our global presence is vast and vibrant with 200 companies and more than 120,000 employees worldwide.

This site serves as a gateway to AISIN activities in in North and Central America, and is a hub for resources for AISIN news, locations, products, and innovations, and the people who make this a great company.

As we evolve with the ever-changing automotive market, our presence in North and Central America continues to grow and strengthen. Please be sure to come back often for news near you.

If you’d like more information on our global impact, please visit Aisin.com. You can also access Aisin regional sites in China, Europe, ASEAN, and Japan.

We’re glad you’ve joined us on the exciting path to the future of mobility, and we look forward to getting to know you right here at home. Please reach out using our Contact Us page for questions and resources and be sure to stay in touch with us on FacebookLinkedIn or Instagram as well.


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