AISIN suppliers play a crucial role in our ability to produce the vast, high-quality products we provide to our customers. Because of our global presence, we procure our parts and materials from suppliers around the world. We work diligently to establish trusting relationships with our suppliers for mutual benefit, performance and growth.

Aisin has introduced a supplier portal to enhance communication and data exchange with the supply base. Prospective suppliers should contact an Aisin purchasing member and, if your company is a potential fit for our supply base, ask to receive an invite to our supplier portal. The first step will be to input information about your company, including the types of products and processes your company manufacturers. An Aisin purchasing representative will review this information and respond. This base information is important to determine possible opportunities in the future. After review of the initial data input, accepted suppliers will be asked to complete additional information to complete the process.

The Aisin supplier portal is used to share documents and information with our supply base, houses Aisin standard documents and forms, is used to track and communicate various work activities between our companies and is the platform for issuing RFQs and receiving quotations.  Work is on-going in our supply portal and new processes and improvements will continue to be added.