Technology Capability

Research & Development

Cutting-edge research and development capabilities continue to generate future technologies.

AISIN Group’s R&D focuses on creating future technologies, providing innovative products for clients and contributing to the enrichment of society. Aisin has been active in the development of systems integration and modularization in automotive parts operations as well as in the advancement of technology for electric vehicles and intelligent transport systems. Beyond automotive technologies; we are also engaged in research in areas of environment and human living conditions, ultra-low temperature refrigeration technology, and optical engineering.

The Engineering team works in close collaboration, applying their skills toward developing products that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our dedicated Design team provides administrative and data registration support to design engineers.

For more information on our North American research and development capabilities, please visit Aisin Technical Center of America at

Reliability Evaluation

We are proud that our thorough testing and evaluation of technologies and products has earned customers’ trust.

AISIN Group boasts three of the world’s largest proving grounds, where our parts, components and systems are installed in vehicles to evaluate their performance. Aisin ensures reliability through rigorous testing and evaluation in virtual environments, which are comprehensive samples of weather and road conditions that allow Aisin to meet the expectations of our customers worldwide. Aisin’s extensive testing and evaluation also helps to ensure the safety and low environmental impact of our products.

Fujioka Proving Ground
Location: Fujioka-cho, Nishikamo-gun,
Aichi, Japan
Land Area: 670,000 m2
High-Speed Track: 2.4km/lap
Rough Road Track: 4.6km/lap

Toyokoro Proving Ground
Location: Toyokoro-cho, Nakagawa-gun,
Hokkaido, Japan
Land Area: 7,480,000 m2
High-Speed Track: 2.2km/lap
Rough Road Track: 15.8km/lap

FT Techno of America (Fowlerville Proving Ground)
Location: Fowlerville, Michigan, USA
Land Area : 950 Acres
Oval Track: 2-lanes wide and 3 miles (4.8 km) in length
4-Lane Straightaway: 4,500 Ft. (1,370 m) in length

For more information on reliability and testing, please visit the Fowlerville Proving Ground website at

Production Technology

Manufacturing expertise and highly-trained employees bring high efficiency and productivity to the workplace.

AISIN Group strives for smooth communication between man and machines. Its quality products are manufactured in highly computerized plants, where human operators and machines work seamlessly to improve efficiency. Production lines and manufacturing equipment are designed and produced in-house; thus Aisin will remain a step ahead of customers’ needs and environmental requirements. However, human skills and talents make the most important difference in quality and productivity, and new employees are trained in an intensive orientation program called “back-to-the-basic manufacturing workshop.” Here new employees learn Aisin’s manufacturing philosophies and expertise while receiving hands-on experience in the making and operating of machines and equipment.